Ode to Walt Whitman

Ode to Walt Whitman, a tender, silent puppet poem uncovers a dialogue between Walt Whitman and Federico Garcia Lorca. Within the context of an online gay chat room, their poetic dialogue contrasts Whitman’s America, a nation full of lovers and comrades, with what Garcia Lorca sees, an America inundated with machines and tears.

Hand puppets, a butterfly marionette, masks, grass bunraku puppets, toy theater, shadows and video projections depict Whitman and Garcia Lorca chased through a surreal and tragic landscape. Live organic electronica by Martin Dosh accompanies the scene.

This intricate work reveals and updates conversations between Whitman and Garcia Lorca, extending their metaphors into the postmodern gay world. This puppet ode hearkens for a remembrance and realization of Whitman’s love and Whitman’s dreams of America.

  • Bart Buch- creator, puppeteer
  • Adam Collignon- puppeteer
  • Ramon Cordes- puppeteer
  • Martin Dosh- composer/musician
  • Kevin Long- puppeteer

photos by Bruce Silcox and Richard Termine