Performance by Bart Buch

Make Believe Neighborhood

Make Believe Neighborhood 259 Feature Bart Buch

Make Believe Neighborhood celebrated Mr. Rogers and the neighborhood helpers he told us to look for – the ordinary people who do extraordinary work to make our own neighborhood a brighter, healthier, friendlier place.

Music Animated

Scene from 'Music Animated' by Bart Buch

A puppet concert series pairing musicians and puppeteers to create new work together.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Wont You Be My Neighbor 145 Feature Bart Buch

The performance featured vocal music and puppet vignettes, video projection, dance, photography, and stilting, weaving together text and themes from residents living in Phillips. Young Dance, Powderhorn Theatre Arts Group, and St. Paul’s Lutheran Church made guest appearances.

Ode to Walt Whitman

Ode To Walt Bart Buch 9

Ode to Walt Whitman, a tender, silent puppet poem uncovers a dialogue between Walt Whitman and Federico Garcia Lorca.

Mortal City

two puppets from 'Mortal City' by Bart Buch

Created in collaboration with D. Blake Love and Seth Eberle. Inspired by Dar William’s song of the same title, Mortal City uses puppets, music and imagery to create a poem of a city that feels, breathes, gives and takes.

kid enkidu

Kid Enkidu puppet by Bart Buch

kid enkidu, an epic puppet-poem-mashup, inspired by The Little Prince, The Epic of Gilgamesh and anime films of Miyazake, follows the journey of a mysterious kid hunting for a lost companion.

Nature Boy

Nature Boy 9974 Feature Bart Buch

Performed in different developmental incarnations and served partially as development for another of Bart’s shows, kid enkidu. It was first developed, created and performed with 4th Graders at St. Anthony Park Elementary for a performance at the Flint Hills International Children’s Festival in 2010.

Peace Day Lantern Ceremony

Lantern Ceremony Bart Buch 1

In collaboration with Masanari Kawahara. This event commemorated the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 to honor the people that perished in these bombings and in all wars.

Light the Winter Night

Light the Winter Night by Bart Buch

The inaugural Minneapolis Lantern Fest, in 2015. Participants built more than 800 lanterns at workshops and converged on Marquette Plaza in Minneapolis to Light the Winter Night!

How Flowers Changed the World

Set from 'How Flowers Changed the World' by Bart Buch

A silent toy theatre puppet show accompanied by classical and experimental guitar music that shows us cosmic and old-fashioned vignettes of a flower powered universe.

The Little Prince

The Little Prince 54 Banner Bart Buch

In 2004, Bart developed a version of The Little Prince for In the Heart of the Beast’s Puppet and Mask Theatre’s New Works Cabaret, with Amy Ballestad as a main collaborator and other puppeteers Ramon Cordes, Jonah Dill-D’Ascoli, and Todd Andrews.

Artemis Hunts Winter’s Heart

Artemis01©bart Buch Thumb

Explores the mythology of the Greek goddess, Artemis through bunraku puppetry and large-scale projection of manipulated video and shadows.

Shadows with No Capital

Projection on building by Bart Buch: 'Shadows No Capital'

This multiple-evening shadow projection piece employs Turkish shadow theatre placed in new territory, modern day Minneapolis. In collaboration with Kyle Loven and Minneapolis Art On Wheels.